Deloitte Cultivates 20 XMUM Budding Talents

May 20,2017
SEPANG: Deloitte, the foremost professional service firm, opened its door to Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) to cultivate talented students, by inviting 20 of them to join their internship programme.

On 15 May 2017, Deloitte Malaysia held a career talk at XMUM. On behalf of XMUM, Mr. Elvin Tan, the Senior Manager of Student Affairs delivered a welcome speech to Mr. Yee Wing Peng, the managing director of Deloitte Malaysia and his team from the Chinese Services Group of Deloitte Malaysia.

This talk started with an introduction about Deloitte, followed by seminars about Malaysian immigration policy, Malaysian investment environment as well as the goods and services tax. In the end, two panel discussions were held to provide students with an insight into working at Deloitte and to introduce them to the professional fields of audit and tax.

Deloitte Internship Programme 2017

Deloitte has offered an unparalleled opportunity for 20 XMUM students to participate their internship programme, which allows the selected students to spend their coming semester break in the company to practice their skills and gain first-hand knowledge of the industry.

This internship programme received great responses from students of the three business programmes. More than 50 applications were received and there is fierce competition among the applicants for the limited space in this internship programme.

The review process was holistic. Every applicant was given great care and attention by the panelists. After reviewing their application materials and considering their academic performance, 30 candidates were shortlisted for interview. After rigorous examination by the interviewers, 20 students finally gained a seat in this internship programme through their outstanding performance.

Yee Wing Peng said, “we welcome the students to come to our company during every semester break. They will gain experiences throughout the years, while pursuing their academic studies.”
“I believe that they will be well-prepared to start their career life by involving in this particular programme,” Yee said.

He stated Deloitte’s mission of the programme, “we aim to train batches of students who can satisfy the high bar of Chinese enterprises.”

Language is Power

“Malaysia has been Chinese enterprises’ desired country to invest, but then they meet a critical challenge, which is a shortage of human resources,” Yee continued, “XMUM students would be their priority in terms of the language proficiency, since they have a good command of both Mandarin and English.”

“Malaysia has the perfect environment to learn language, we emphasize trilingual education since we are in the elementary school, we learned to speak in dialects too,” Yee described Malaysia as a melting pot of culture, as people learn each other’s language and are able to communicate in various languages.

Await Harvest from XMUM

Deloitte anticipated to stock XMUM graduates, too.

“In fact, we attempt to keep top talents with us, in order to serve our own clients better,” said Yee.
Yee added, “the basic requirement to enroll to our company is Bachelor Degree, and we expect to have XMUM graduates work here few years later.”

Yee revealed that, similar internship programme will also be offered next year, and students who did not succeed in entering the programme this year will have another bite of the cherry.

Students’ Perspective: Prioritize Learning

A selected student, Liu Yubing, who comes from Zhengzhou, China, said that he hopes to obtain experiences through the programme.

“Frankly speaking, since we are still in our first year, it is obvious that we lack the specific knowledge and can’t be assigned to handle difficult projects. I expect to learn from the ‘bottom’,” Liu said.

Lim Chee Yeaw, a selected local Malaysian student, also mentioned that he wished to obtain new skills and knowledge during his internship.

(Chin Tsin and Kong Su Hui, students of Journalism programme at XMUM, have contributed to this report.)