New Physics Lab to Improve Students’ Learning

May 11,2017
On May 8th, the General Physics Laboratory was officially opened and made accessible to the students of XMUM.
The laboratory, with a total investment of RM1 million and 6 months of preparation work, is built to serve the purpose of both teaching and research. Experiments in the four major branches of physics, including mechanics, wave and oscillations, optics and electromagnetism, can be conducted here.
Covering an area of 500 ㎡, the laboratory is able to accommodate 100 students at one time. It is outfitted with groupings of lab benches and equipment with electrical and internet capability.
“We are trying to make our physics lab a fun learning hub. As we know, nowadays students can’t live without electronic products so we bought equipment which can be easily linked to electronic devices. In our lab, students can use laptops, iPads or smart phones to control interface-based sensors and retrieve experiment results. Hopefully, with the state-of-the-art equipment, students and faculty can enjoy a more fun and interactive type of learning.” said Dr. Zhang Yufeng, who oversees the General Physic Laboratory.
“I enjoyed spending time in the lab. By doing experiments here, I get a chance to practice the theoretical knowledge I acquired in the class,” said student Lin Tan, who is doing an experiment on electricity and electric fields integration. “It is so interesting and convenient that I can record the result of experiment in my phone.”
More advanced labs of various disciplines, such as Chemical Engineering, Energy Technology, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering, will be set up in Block A4.
“Block A4 will eventually become an integrated science space.” said Dr. Zhang Ying, the Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office, “By having most of the teaching labs together, students and faculty members from different disciplines will have opportunities to learn from each other and make the best use of their time in the labs.”