Xiamen University’s New Research Vessel Sets Sail

May 10,2017
On April 15th 2017, Dr. Zhu Chongshi, President of Xiamen University, proudly announced that the research vessel ‘Tan Kah Kee’ was formally incorporated into the State Oceanographic Research Fleet with the approval from the State Oceanic Administration of China.

The oceanic scientific research vessel, funded by Xiamen University and officially launched at sea on May 8th 2016, was christened Tan Kah Kee to commemorate the founder of Xiamen University, Mr. Tan Kah Kee. With an estimated cost of 350 million, its construction started on March 31st 2015 and lasted for around 14 months.  The advanced general-purpose research ship is built to serve the purpose of scientific research, student training, social services, and cultural promotion in the 21st century.            

The 3611-ton research vessel has an overall length of 77.7 meters and a waterline of 75.2 meters. It has a molded breadth of 16.24 meters, a molded depth of 8 meters, a maximum speed of 14 knots and a cruising radius of 10,000 nautical miles. With a crew of 54, the vessel is capable of 50 days of self-supportability. The eco-friendly and versatile vessel incorporates many sophisticated technologies. It can carry out multi-discipline investigation tasks and undertake research and teaching activities on oceanography in all unfrozen seas. It is purely electricity-powered and easy to operate, with high precision of dynamic positioning when carrying out marine observations. Outfitted with high-performance acoustic equipment, it is capable of conducting synchronous observations in real time on various aspects of hydrology, chemistry, geology and geophysics, atmosphere and other related inter disciplines and carrying out field scientific experiments and research.

In the next few decades, ‘Tan Kah Kee’ is expected to become one of the main research vessels doing scientific study on oceanography, contributing to the improvement of China’s ability in research on marine sciences.

Taking advantage of the establishment of the China-ASEAN Institute of Marine Sciences at Xiamen University Malaysia and capitalizing on the international influence of its marine disciplines, Xiamen University will transform the vessel into a floating university on the sea which will promote research on global changes, education in marine science and technological exchanges in the ASEAN region, and into a “Confucius Institute” on the sea which will advance Chinese culture and facilitate global cultural communication.

The vessel ‘Tan Kah Kee’ is expected to depart from Xiamen to Malaysia in July 2017.