A public talk on “Immune System in Health”

April 19,2017
On 17 April 2017, Professor Dr. Han Jiahuai, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of China and Vice president of Xiamen University, delivered an exciting and informative public talk on “Immune System in Health” at Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM). The talk attracted more than 150 students and faculty members of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Marine Biotechnology programmes to attend. Dr Zhang Ying, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of XMUM, presided over the talk.

During the one hour session, Professor Han talked about the role of immune system in maintaining good health, not only offering a general overview, but also analyzing specific research output. The talk mainly covers the following topics: 

(i) General introduction of body immune system, immune cells and immune molecules; 

(ii) History and advance of vaccination in protecting us from major diseases using polio vaccine as the successful example; 

(iii) Potential and current progress in regulating the immune system particularly cytolytic T lymphocytes to fight major diseases such as cancer; 

(iv) Details of immune regulation with Necroptosis, which is the current research topic in Professor Han’s lab. Achievement of Professor Han’s lab in characterizing the molecular mechanism of RIP3 dependent necroptosis has increased the interest and knowledge in this new area of immunology. 

After the talk, students and faculty members enthusiastically discussed several important questions regarding vaccination with Professor Han, including whether vaccination causes any side effect, why several vaccines only provide 50% of protection, and how to overcome the mistake in the identification of infectious disease that delay the control and treatment of the disease. Based on those questions, Professor Han shared his knowledge on the overall advantages of vaccination and current advance in producing vaccine with higher protectivity and efficacy. Furthermore, Professor Han also emphasized the important in training students at XMUM with professional knowledge and skills in medical science and technology to improve the disease identification and prevention for the society. All audiences were enlightened by the talk delivered by Professor Han.    
About Prof. Han Jiahuai: 
Professor Han received his BS and MS from Peking University and his PhD from University Libre de Bruxelles in 1990.
Prof. Han Jiahuai is known for the discovery of the p38 signaling pathway, one of the most important pathways in intracellular signaling transduction. This pathway plays important roles in many biological processes including cell cycle regulation, cell proliferation, cell differentiation and senescence, as well as immune reactions, development and tumorigenesis. Another current focus of Han’s lab is molecular mechanisms of RIP3 dependent necrosis, which is based on a recent finding in this laboratory revealing that RIP3 is a major player in controlling programmed necrosis.
To know more about Prof. Han, please click the following link: http://hanlab.xmu.edu.cn/En/Index.html