XMUM Students Visit Huawei Customer Solution Innovation & Integration Experience Center

April 13,2017
Twenty students from Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM), the first overseas campus of a Chinese university in the world, visited Huawei Customer Solution Innovation & Integration Experience Center (CSIC) on 24 March 2017.

Lead by Mr. Fan Zhiquan, the advisor of XMUM President, the trip is one of the services provided by the Career Services section of Student Affairs Office, XMUM. The purpose was to provide the students with an early exposure to the industry. This visit opened up the doors for students of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) programmes to learn more about the current trends and latest development in ICT field. 

CSIC Product Manager Mr. Wang Jian Feng showed the students of ICT programmes the 17 sections of the 13,000-square feet center, which was Huawei’s second ICT hub in Malaysia since 2015.

According to Mr. Wang, Huawei, a telecommunications giant, is playing an important role in helping its customers to improve their lives through using its quality products amidst the tremendous growth in ICT sector across the planet.

Mr. Wang highlighted a new project Huawei is working on, which is called Smart Home. Through its app, customers can control electrical appliances in their homes. It can make customers’ lives easier and more secure. He also invited the students to experience some features of Smart Home.

The three-hour visit benefited the students by briefing them on how Huawei collects its users’ information, its cloud storage technology, and its co-operations with other sectors to bring convenience to customers.

Moreover, Huawei and XMUM will be working together to provide internship opportunity to XMUM students. Students can expect to gain valuable exposure to the workplace.

Impressed by its role and contribution, Wei Zihan, one of the student visitors, believes that Huawei can make great contribution to helping this world stay connected.

Mr. Fan Zhiquan closed the day by a speech where he thanked Huawei for offering the session to XMUM. He is looking forward for more collaboration between the two organizations in the near future.