Chinese embassy awards top 10 local students

March 12,2017

His Excellency Dr. Huang Huikang (center, right) and Prof. Wang Ruifang with the recipients of the 2016 Chinese Ambassador Scholarship Award. 

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China awarded 10 outstanding local students of Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) with a scholarship of RM12,000 each. The scholarship was presented by Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia, Dr. Huang Huikang during a ceremony held on 10 March 2017 at XMUM.

Congratulating the award recipients for their remarkable academic achievements, Dr. Huang said the scholarship scheme, established by the Chinese embassy in Malaysia, was the first of its kind offered by the embassy to the students of Malaysia.
“2017 will be the year to deepen pragmatic cooperation between China and Malaysia. This scholarship is to motivate students to strive for the best and make due contributions to the economic and social development of Malaysia and the betterment of bilateral ties,” Dr. Huang said.
“The embassy has set aside an annual budget of RM120,000 for the scholarship programme.
“We will continue to provide the scholarships to outstanding Malaysian students of Xiamen University Malaysia,” he added.
Meanwhile, Dr. Huang was pleased with the progress of the university, both on the student intake and construction of campus facilities and buildings. He referred the university as an iconic project and symbol for education cooperation between the two countries and assured no effort will be spared to help the branch campus become a quality global institution.
Xiamen University Malaysia president Prof. Wang Ruifang expressed his heartiest gratitude to the Chinese Embassy and His Excellency for the establishment of the scholarship and the concerted effort and support in enhancing the development of the university.
“Xiamen University Malaysia pledges to be a not-for-profit institution. Not a sen will be repatriated to China and any surplus funds will be channeled back into research and scholarships for students of XMUM. In addition to scholarship schemes to help academic qualified students who face financial difficulties,  we also provide a special Grant for Bumiputeras and Indians as a caring gesture to welcome non-Chinse students to join us in the journey of academic pursuits, as well as in an effort to create a multicultural campus. More scholarships will be introduced as many organizations, successful entrepreneurs and alumni have expressed their desire to financially support the students in need.” Prof. Wang elaborated.
He added that the number of students has risen from 187 in the beginning to about 1,500 currently, and the figure is expected to reach 2,000 at the end of this April and 3,000 or so this September.
While the construction of Phase One is nearing completion, the construction of Phase Two will kick off soon and enable the campus to cater to approximately 7,500 students. The first section in Phase Two comprises four student hostels, one canteen, one center for international academic exchanges, and one performance pavilion on the lake.
Speaking highly of the university, one scholarship recipient Ong Sui Chang said, “I chose Xiamen University because it was the first Chinese university which offers a program on new energy. After one year of study here, I know that I made a great choice. I firmly declined the scholarship offer from another prestigious Chinese University, when thinking of the excellent faculty, facilities and environment here.”
Another scholarship recipient, journalism student Loi Yuen Yuen, said she liked the multi-racial and multi-cultural campus environment where local students mix well with the students from China and other countries. “In addition to the campus environment, I am also grateful for the education I received here. The Journalism program equipped me with practical skills in various segments of the media. We have set up a Journalism corner in the library, and are planning a study tour to Singapore,” she added.

After the award ceremony, accompanied by Prof. Wang, Dr. Huang and his team took a tour of the campus.