60 Days of Ship Time on Australia’s RV Investigator Granted to XMUM Prof. Robin Robertson


9 July 2018

The Office of Research and Innovation congratulates Professor Robin Robertson of Physical Oceanography at China-ASEAN College of Marine Sciences, Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM), for being the recipient of a research grant. Sixty days of ship time on Australia’s RV Investigator, worth approximately RM30,000,000, has been granted to Prof. Robertson and her collaborators for their contributions of ocean vertical mixing to the overall goal of the research voyage -- improving the parameterization of tropical moist convection in the atmosphere and vertical mixing driven by winds and internal tides in the ocean. The parameterizations are key to produce accurate daily to seasonal weather forecasts and climate predictions.

The study of Professor Robin will be conducted in the Maritime Continent, the atmospheric convection and ocean mixing of which affect regional and global climate. The understanding and prediction of local multi-scale atmosphere and ocean variability as well as its global impact will be studied through observations, modelling, and outreach. The role of Professor Robin will be to observe and attempt to model the vertical ocean mixing.

he RV Investigator can accommodate up to 40 scientists and spend 60 days at sea. She is crowned by a 1.75 tonne weather research radar. (ABC News: Gregor Salmon)

Some information about Professor Robin Robertson:

Prof. Robin Robertson earned her Ph.D. at Oregon State University modelling tides while working with observationalists and going on sea voyages. She joined Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) of Columbia University in 1999, where she concentrated on modelling, participating in field work and discussing the relevance of the results to the climate community.  In 2006, she accepted a teaching position in oceanography at Australia’s University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra in the School of Physical, Environmental, and Mathematical Sciences. She served as president of the Ocean Sciences section of the Asia-Oceania Geosciences Society, and a deputy node leader for the New South Wales Integrate Marine Observing System (IMOS). Prof. Robertson now teaches at China-ASEAN College of Marine Sciences (CAMS) of Xiamen University Malaysia. She conducts research in Physical Oceanography, particularly internal waves and mixing.

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