50 XMUM Students Go Back to XMU China for Study Tour during April Semester Break


During the April semester break, 50 undergraduate students from XMUM Chinese Studies, Journalism and Marine Biotechnology programmes went to Xiamen University China (XMU), the parent university of XMUM, for one-week student exchange projects.

The projects were designed to enhance the students’ academic aptitude and deepen their understanding of Xiamen University tradition and Chinese culture.

Marine Biotechnology Programme: A Tour of Research

16 Students from Marine Biotechnology programme visited XMU China from April 8 to April 15. Their exchange project mainly consisted of a series of activities in academic study and scientific research.

During the 8-day tour, students were organized to do field sampling and learned to fix and process the collected specimens. “For me, this is a wonderful start as a professional researcher in marine science,” said one student from XMUM.

They were also given opportunities to board French research vessel “TARA” and the research vessel “Tan Kah Kee”, nicknamed “the Fifth Campus” of XMU, to learn about the general information of the vessels and stories of their previous expeditions.

In addition, students attended a lecture given by Prof. Wang Kejian, Head of XMU College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, and visited several top-tier marine research labs, which give them a taste of the cutting-edge technologies in the field of marine science.

Chinese Studies Programme: A Tour of Culture

Led by Prof. Wang Xiaomei, Head of XMUM Chinese Studies Programme, a group of 15 students spent a memorable week at XMU China from April 7 to April 15.

Faculty from XMU College of Humanities greeted the students with a discussion session, during which topics including the future study options of XMUM students and future development strategy of XMUM Chinese Studies Programme were discussed. 

Since the tour coincided with the Qingming Festival, students paid their respect in front of Mr. Tan Kah Kee’s statue at XMU Siming Campus. They then learned about the history of the university in XMU Historical Museum and paid a visit to XMU Xiang’an Campus.

To enrich the students’ understanding of Xiamen culture, they were also arranged to visit a number of important cultural and historical sites throughout the city, including Tan Kah Kee Memorial, Overseas Chinese Museum, Jimei School Village, etc.

Journalism Programme: A Tour of Communication

19 students from XMUM Journalism Programme joined the one-week exchange project at XMU China from April 8 to April 15.

A seminar was held between XMUM students and representatives from XMU School of Journalism and Communication to exchange ideas in terms of career prospect, study opportunities, understanding of journalism, etc.

During the seminar, student representatives from XMU China also expressed their impression of XMUM, saying that they are “proud” of the overseas campus and that the four different campuses of XMU “belong to one family”.

In the following days, the journalism students visited the Xiamen Media Group and XMU Film Archive Studies Center. Some of them also audited courses of their interest provided by School of Journalism and Communication.

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