About 400 Undergraduate Students Join XMUM in April 2018


Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) welcomed 393 undergraduate students on 20 & 21 April, including 148 new applicants and 245 progressing students from XMUM Foundation Programmes. With this new batch of students joining the university, the total student enrolment of XMUM reached about 3,300.

In order to help the new students quickly adapt to their undergraduate study and life on campus, XMUM Academic Affairs Office and Student Council organized a series of course briefing sessions and ice-breaking games, as well as a welcoming performance on Sunday, to make the students feel at home.

On Monday, 23 April, the new batch of students started their first semester at XMUM.

Currently XMUM offers 13 undergraduate degree programmes covering various fields of study, including arts, science, business, engineering and medicine. In this September, two more undergraduate programmes, i.e. Mathematics & Applied Mathematics and Advertising, are expected to be offered at XMUM.

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