Prof. Zheng Jincheng & Collaborators Publish in Nature Materials


The Center for Postgraduate Studies and Research (CPSR) congratulates Prof. Zheng Jincheng, the Director of XMUM Innovation Center, for publishing a research paper entitled “A single-atom library for guided monometallic and concentration-complex multimetallic designs” in Nature Materials (impact factor: 38.887) as one of the corresponding authors. 

The two other corresponding authors are Prof. Xin Houlin from University of California and Prof. Luo Jun from Tianjin University of Technology & Shenzhen Institute for Advanced Study, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

This article is the result of international collaborative research by scientists from 11 universities. Researchers worked together to create the largest reported library of single-atom catalysts (SACs) spanning 37 elements to uncover unified principles for catalyst design. The SACs in the library were synthesized by the dissolution-and-carbonization method, followed by a four-step screening process to reveal the unified principles of the SACs’ structural properties.

The authors further explored the possibility of anchoring different elements on the same carbon support, creating multimetallic SACs with up to 12 different elements. This finding demonstrated the great promise of multimetallic SACs as they allow for an exponential increase in possible structures over their monometallic counterparts.

Correlation analyses for the monometallic single-atom catalysts properties

This study will provide guidance for the rational design of SACs to fulfill a specific application without needing to test every possibility. This work has also been highlighted at Nature News & Views:

Prof. Zheng Jincheng is honored as a Distinguish Professor of the Minjiang Scholar’s Program at Xiamen University (China) given his contribution and commitment to Physics and Energy. Currently the Director of Innovation Center at XMUM, he has published more than 170 peer-reviewed articles in SCI journals with a total citation of over 6,000.  

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