Dr. Burra Venkata Durga Kumar & Students’ Papers Accepted by ICAICA 2022


Two research papers by Dr. Burra Venkata Durga Kumar and students from XMUM School of Computing and Data Science have been accepted by 2022 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Applications (ICAICA 2022), which will be held in Dalian, China, from 24 to 26 June 2022.

The two papers - entitled “Convolutional Neural Network Approach to Artistic Style Transfer for Landscape Image” and “Intelligent Poultry Farming Management and Design Using Deep Learning” - have been jointly written with Adrian Gan Jue Yan and Sow Wei Jie respectively, both of whom are undergraduates of XMUM’s Software Engineering Programme.

For “Convolutional Neural Network Approach to Artistic Style Transfer for Landscape Image”, the authors aimed to enable deep learning models to distinguish between style representations and content images by inputting a content image and a style image while outputting a content image and an output image. Its basic concept is to input a landscape image and a style image, extract the content of the former and the style features of the latter, then combine the two in outputs.

The second research used deep learning to design a system that can recognize disease by looking at a poultry’s face. According to Sow Wei Jie, the traditional way of raising poultry faces the problems of high breeding cost, low production efficiency, and serious environmental pollution. The application of artificial intelligence technology to the breeding of poultry can help solve such problems.

ICAICA 2022 features keynote speeches by eminent professors and technical presentations by participants from around the world. The conference aims at providing a high-level platform for experts, scholars, innovators and practitioners to share novel research and ideas in the fields of artificial intelligence and computer applications.

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