NESE Students Publish in Science of the Total Environment


The Center for Postgraduate Studies and Research congratulates Kyle Sebastian Mulya, Zhou Jinqin, Phuang Zhen Xin, and Assistant Professor Ts. Dr. Vincent Woon Kok Sin from XMUM School of Energy and Chemical Engineering for their recent publication in Science of the Total Environment, an SCI Q1 journal with a latest impact factor of 7.963.  

KyleSebastian Mulya, the first author of the article, is currently a third-year undergraduate student in the Department of New Energy Science and Engineering. Ts. Dr. Vincent Woon is the corresponding author of the article. This work is conducted in collaboration with Prof. David Laner from the University of Kassel through the CrossCulture Programme Fellowship.

Entitled “A systematic review of life cycle assessment of solid waste management: Methodological trends and prospects”, this paper reviewed 240 studies on the life cycle assessment (LCA) of solid waste management from 2009 until 2020 to examine 15 elements comprising the preference of journals, 13 LCA method-related characteristics, and economic assessment. Insights on the limitations and current practices of LCA applications, along with trends for future research, have been provided. This review study offers a basis to increase the reliability of future LCA studies’ results on solid waste management.

The article can be accessed at

Kyle Sebastian Mulya: “I am very grateful to my supervisor, Dr. Vincent, for his guidance and feedback which is critical for maintaining the quality of our work, and to my peers, Jinqin and Zhen Xin, for their dedication, contribution and perseverance throughout the execution of this project. The comprehensive review paper we’ve written serves as a basis for our readers to improve their research and avoid redundancies. Within the 2-year research period, I’ve learned so many things about the importance of environmental sciences in the industry, especially in waste management. All of these have equipped me with the knowledge for thesis writing, and the soft skills I gained have proven valuable during my internship. With this, I hope that Dr. Vincent and my peers have a wonderful experience while refining their knowledge and skills, and that the world will benefit from our hard work.”

Zhou Jinqin: “I’m so excited to have participated in publishing a journal paper. The success is all down to our team’s great efforts. I’m particularly grateful to my supervisor, Dr. Vincent, and my research peers - Kyle and Zhen Xin, who were always full of profound, original, and challenging insights. I learned a lot about the knowledge of life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology and solid waste management (SWM). More importantly, the basic concepts of meta-analysis and how to write a review paper serve as a practical experience on how to design a comprehensive, logical, and systematic research. I sincerely hope that our work could greatly appeal to the LCA practitioners and help them increase the reliability of their results.”

Phuang Zhen Xin: It’s definitely a refreshing experience to participate in this project whichtaught me more about the application of life cycle assessment (LCA) in solid waste management (SWM) from a different perspective. This experience enriches my knowledge about LCA and gives me inspiration for future research of higher accuracy and enhanced robustness. Dr. Vincent provided us with valuable and enlightening feedback during the entire project to enable us to outperform ourselves. Kyle and Jinqin have been very supportive and committed throughout the project, showing great teamwork spirit. Upon the publication of this review paper, I hope that readers will be able to know more about the proper way of applying LCA and the prospects in SWM."

Ts. Dr. Vincent Woon serves as an Assistant Professor at XMUM School of Energy and Chemical Engineering. With 10-year academic and industry experience in environmental management and green city planning, his research interests include carbon footprint analysis, life cycle assessment, recycling of solid waste, green township and building development, and energy optimization. Since joining XMUM, he has received several international awards, including the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Academy Seminar Fellowship by the US Department of State, CrossCulture Programme Fellowship by the German Federal Foreign Office, and First Prize of the Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development by the Global Development Network. He is also a Professional Technologist with the Malaysia Board of Technologists and a Green Real Estate (GreenRE) Accredited Professional of Real Estate & Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia.

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