CME Undergraduate Publishes on Biofuels & Green Diesel Production in Chemosphere


The Research Management Center congratulates final year student Pocha Chaitanya Kumar Reddy and Dr. Chew Kit Wayne from the Department of Chemical Engineering, XMUM School of Energy and Chemical Engineering on publishing a review article in Chemosphere, a Q1 journal with a latest impact factor of 7.086, as the first and the corresponding author, respectively.



The title of the review is “Utilization of agricultural lignocellulosic wastes for biofuels and green diesel production”. The crops and fruits produced through the expansion of agricultural activity should be fully utilized. However, there are still losses and under-exploitation which has resulted in wastes mounted in landfills. This paper discusses the main routes (biological or thermochemical) for producing biofuels, such as bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, bio-oil and green diesel, from underutilized fruits and vegetables by emphasizing recent technological innovations for improving biofuels and green diesel yields. Under-utilized fruits and vegetables serve as a prospective biofuel and green diesel generation source for the biofuel industry.


The figure shows the utilization of different lignocellulosic wastes (fruit, vegetable, and agricultural wastes) to generate various biofuels via biological and chemical transformations. 


Chaitanya Reddy Kumar Pocha:

“Doing scientific research is something I’m very passionate about right from my early undergraduate years. This review allowed to me gain deeper insights and pay closer attention to the production of biofuels from different kinds of waste. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of reading papers, summarizing them, and then drafting a review out of it. Besides, publishing this review exposed me to the peer-review process and their decision-making, which requires great patience. I’m very thankful to Dr. Chew for providing this invaluable opportunity to me. Dr. Chew’s team is very helpful and willing to guide me through the process of writing. As a result of this amazing experience, I've developed a desire to work in the fields of sustainable and renewable energy in the future.”


Dr. Chew Kit Wayne is a Lecturer with the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, XMUM. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Nottingham. His current research fields include chemical and biochemical engineering, sustainability, bioprocess engineering design, and renewable energy. He is working on transforming waste into wealth through renewable sources and efficient technologies. He has won several awards including the prestigious Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Global Award for Young Researcher, IChemE Malaysia Young Research Award, and Rising Star Award for Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences (YSN-ASM). To date, Dr. Chew has published more than 120 journal articles and edited 2 books. He was recently recognized as the Top 2% of scientists in the world by Stanford University. Profile:

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