NESE Master Student Wins Poster Prize at the Catalysis Science & Technology 10th Anniversary Symposium


The Research Management Center congratulates Ng Sue-Faye from Department of New Energy Science & Engineering (NESE), XMUM School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, for winning the Catalysis Science & Technology (CST) Poster Prize at the CST 10th Anniversary Symposium. 

Ng Sue-Faye is the only awardee from the Asian regions.

Entitled “Solar-powered chemistry: Engineering 2D carbon nitride-based nanomaterials for high-performance photocatalysis, Ng Sue-Fayes presentation was about the outcomes of her master research project under the supervision of Associate Professor Dr. Ong Wee Jun. The project aims to develop a non-metal based carbon nitride photocatalysts towards the solar-driven conversion of CO2 to value-added fuels and chemicals, whilst mitigating the CO2 pollution. The purpose of this project is to provide a sustainable alternative to the current fuel source and close the carbon cycle in order to achieve a circular carbon economy and carbon neutrality.

This project has been made possible with the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) funded by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), as well as the Xiamen University Malaysia Research Fund (XMUMRF).



Ng Sue-Faye

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ong Wee Jun


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