NESE Students Publish Research Article in High Impact Journal, Additive Manufacturing


The Research Management Center congratulates Tan Khai Yang, Hoy Zheng Xuan, Asst. Prof. Dr. Foo Chuan Yi and Prof. Huang Nay Ming from Department of New Energy Science and Engineering (NESE), XMUM School of Energy and Chemical Engineering for publishing a research article entitled “Single Droplet 3D Printing of Electrically Conductive Resin using High Aspect Ratio Silver Nanowires”.

This paper is published in Additive Manufacturing, an SCI Tier 1 Journal with an impact factor of 10.998.

Dr. Foo Chuan Yi is the corresponding author of this research article. Graduated from NESE, Khai Yang and Zheng Xuan are currently pursuing master’s degree at XMUM under the supervision of Dr. Foo Chuan Yi and Ts. Dr. Vincent Woon Kok Sin, respectively.

In this study, silver nanowires (Ag NWs) were successfully synthesized under 30 minutes using the PVP-free polyol method. The as-synthesized Ag NWs were mixed directly with the liquid thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resin to produce electrically conductive resin. In order to achieve high precision and material utilization efficiency, a modified 3D printing process was proposed to fabricate a controllable 3D structure with single droplet of electrically conductive resin. The 3D printed structure with the optimized electrically conductive resin formulation is able to light up an LED with 3.5 V applied and the IV characteristic revealed that the printed structure exhibited conductivity in the range of conductive materials (R = 13.7 kΩ).

Figure illustrates the (1) polyol synthesis of Ag NWs, (2) the modified 3D printer and (3) the printed composite exhibited conductivity in the range of conductive materials (R = 13.7 kΩ).

Tan Khai Yang: “This entire research journey is a fruitful experience for me. I am grateful for the guidance I received throughout the process from my supervisor Dr. Foo. His constructive criticism, advice and encouragement are all invaluable for the success of this project. I am also glad to have Zheng Xuan as my research partner. We exchanged ideas and worked together for the accomplishment of this project with each of our own skill set. Our joint efforts are what made this achievement possible.”

Hoy Zheng Xuan: “This experience not only made me a better critical thinker, but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career. I am privileged to have Dr. Foo as my supervisor as he constantly provides insightful thoughts and encourages me that every failure encountered brings us a step closer to success. I am also blessed to have a diligent research partner, Khai Yang, motivating me to keep moving towards our goal together. Without them, this success would not have been possible.”

Dr. Foo Chuan Yi received his BSc. degree and Ph. D. from Universiti Putra Malaysia (2015 and 2018, respectively). He worked as a postdoc at Xiamen University Malaysia and currently is an Assistant Professor with School of Energy and Chemical Engineering since 2019. He is particularly interested in unravelling the potential and workability of advanced manufacturing technology in nanomaterials fabrication, as well as improving the performance of current electrochemical energy storage devices.

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