CME Students Wins 5th Place at Chem-E Car Presentation Competition 2021


Innovation Center congratulates the penultimate year students Ee Jin An and Jocelyn Lim Jean Yi from School of Energy and Chemical Engineering for winning the fifth place at the International IEM Chem-E Car Online Presentation Competition 2021. The team of two was supervised by Dr. Yee Kian Fei and Dr. Andrew Ng Kay Lup from XMUM School of Energy and Chemical Engineering.

In an exhilarating race with participant teams from a variety of countries, Jin An and Jocelyn had proposed a brand new idea, titled “SAPONISTER”, using soap making process and a thermoelectric generator (TEG) as the main power source to drive the shoebox-sized car.

The IEM Chem-E Car Competition is an annual challenge organized by the Institute of Engineers Malaysia for engineering undergraduate students to design a chemical-energy source powered shoebox sized car model that can safelycarries a specified load to a target distance. During the competition, each team needs to pitch their ideas on a pre-recorded presentation video, take parts in quiz pertaining to Chem-E Car’s history, rule and regulations of the competition, as well as to defense their proposal in the Q&A session.

Ee Jin An

Jocelyn Lim Jean Yi

Dr. Yee Kian Fei

Dr. Andrew Ng Kay Lup

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