Dr. Lum Yew Choe & SEM Team Receive Two Best Paper Awards at MFAIC 2021


The Research Management Center congratulates Dr. Lum Yew Choe and his research team for winning two Best Paper Awards at Malaysia Finance Association International Conference 2021 (MFAIC 2021).

These two award-winning papers were the fruits of collaborative efforts by faculty members and students from XMUM School of Economics and Management, Xiamen University, Victoria University, and University Technology Mara.

This year, 110 papers were accepted for presentation. 3 papers were awarded the Best MFA Awards with a cash prize of RM1, 000 each, while the next best 3 papers were awarded the Best International Journal of Banking & Finance Papers (IJBFP) Awards with a cash prize of RM400.

A total of 6 third-year students from XMUM Finance Programme presented at theConference, while Dr. Toh Moau Yong presented one paper and Prof. Annuar served as the Chair for one of the sessions. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Tan Yeng May and her student Su Yixin also received the nomination for MFA and IJBF Best Paper Awards.



Session Name

He Yujun

Capital structure in China

Capital Structure

Zhu Xinran

The impact of internet money funds on SHIBOR in China

Fintech Investment

Chen Yixing

The impact of second exchange rate reform on exchange rate and stock markets in China

Econ Policy & Efficiency I

Wei Yilin

The empirical analysis of volatility of China's ETF market

Risk, Return & Mkt Stability I

Li Jiayuan

Impact of U.S. quantitative easing on U.S. and Chinese stock markets

Econ Policy & Efficiency II

Teresa Tan Wei Lin

Forecasting stock prices in ASEAN using traditional and deep learning models

Fintech & Artificial Intelligence

Teresa Tan Wei Lin, the presenter of  “Forecasting stock prices in ASEAN using traditional and deep learning models” commented: “I'm so shocked that I won the MFA Best Paper Award! I would like to thank Dr. Lum for his continuous guidance and support throughout this journey. Thank you for always pushing me to improve my paper and for encouraging me to submit my work. ”  

Jointly organized by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Malaysian Finance Association (MFA), this Conference provides an open platform for scholars and practitioners to meet and share their current research as well as to exchange ideas and information on the new development related to finance, economics and accounting. According to Prof. Faisal Adikan, the Vice Chancellor of USM, it “marks an important scholarly partnership between higher education and the industry.”

Dr. Lum Yew Choe is a Senior Lecturer at School of Economics and Management, Xiamen University Malaysia. He obtained a PhD degree in Financial Economics from Victoria University (Australia) in 2015. Before joining XMUM, he used to work as the Head of the Victoria University MBA program at Sunway University College, the Head of Investor Relations at Sunway Real Estate Investment Trust and Manager at HSBC Bank.

Dr. Lum is targeting to publish two international research books in the area of Machine Learning/Fintech and International Financial Management in the coming year. For interested researchers, please send your draft book chapter(s) to yc.lum@xmu.edu.my before 31 December 2021.

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