Dr. Ong Wee Jun and Team’s Publication Selected as Inside Cover of Small


The Research Management Center congratulates Yu Xinnan and Ng Sue-Faye from XMUM School of New Energy and Chemical Engineering for publishing in Small, a tier-1 SCI journal (Wiley publication) with an impact factor of 13.281, as co-first authors.

Entitled “Point-Defect Engineering: Leveraging Imperfections in Graphitic Carbon Nitride (g-C3N4) Photocatalysts towards Artificial Photosynthesis”, their work was an invited contribution for the journal’s forthcoming special issue “Nanoengineering Carbonaceous Materials for Energy” and has beenselected as its inside cover.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ong Wee Jun School of New Energy and Chemical Engineering is the corresponding author for this review article.

Currently, Yu Xinnan and Ng Sue-Faye are pursuing their master’s degree at National University Singapore and XMUM, respectively.

The work describes the state-of-the-art advancement of graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4)’s point-defect engineering, which is of vital significance in advancing solar energy conversion. Insights into the intriguing roles of point defects, the synthesis, the characterizations, and the systematic control of point-defects, as well as the versatile application of defective g-C3N4-based nanomaterials toward photocatalytic water splitting, carbon dioxide reduction and nitrogen fixation were also presented in detail. The authors have included a balanced perspective on the technical and scientific hindrances and future prospects, thus opening a new frontier to the novel functionalities of defective g-C3N4-based nanostructures in energy catalysis.

The authors would like to acknowledge the funding from Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) Malaysia.


Besides, Dr. Ong Wee Jun has been invited to contribute a reading guide in Materials Views China for the above-mentioned article. Materials Views China is the official WeChat channel of Wiley materials and chemical journals, aiming to interpret high impact papers published by scientists from around the world.

WeChat link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/zpxwOVDPv1veoLHgFvt1fg

 Below are the testimonies from the students:

Yu Xinnan

This review began when I was still new to nanomaterials. The writing of this review is like an adventure. During the study, I delved into the defect engineering of g-C3N4 photocatalysts and understood it systematically. I also became more familiar with scientific research methods and was inspired by those outstanding researchers. It has been an honor to publish this article under the guidance and encouragement of Dr. Ong Wee Jun, who has helped immensely in honing my critical thinking skills and developing my research interests in nanomaterials. He has taught me many writing skills and scientific knowledge as well, towards which I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude.”

Ng Sue Faye

The process for writing this review has taught me the importance of time management and proper planning. This is especially relevant as I have moved on to my postgraduate studies, where self-discipline is crucial towards managing the workload. Apart from that, the study of point-defect modified g-C3N4 nanomaterials for solar-driven environmental applications has been eye-opening in my understanding of state-of-the-art characterization methods, synthesis routes, and computational modelling. Despite the dynamic pace in this frontier, the development of industrial level photocatalyst systems is a long and arduous journey, to which I am honored to be able to contribute a small part. I would like to express my gratitude towards Dr. Ong, who has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizon by working on this project.”

Dr. Ong Wee Jun

Dr. Ong Wee Jun serves as an Associate Professor at XMUM School of Energy and Chemical Engineering. He has won several prestigious awards, including the Merdeka Award Grant, Young Researcher Award from Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and the Green Talent Award presented by the German government. He was also named as a “Global Highly Cited Researcher 2019 and 2020” by Clarivate Analytics and “World’s Top 2% Scientists 2020” by Stanford University.Dr. Ong Wee Jun is going to directing an independent research center called “Center of Excellence for Nano Energy & Catalysis Technology (CONNECT)” at XMUM and is currently recruiting postgraduate students for his NanoECats research group. For candidates who are interested, please contact him at weejun.ong@xmu.edu.my. For more information about Dr. Ong Wee Jun and NanoECats Research Group, please refer to the following website: https://sites.google.com/site/wjongresearch/.

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