Dr. Vincent Woon Kok Sin & NESE Students Publish 2 Papers in Tier-1 SCI Journal


The Research Management Center congratulates Asst. Prof. Ts. Dr. Vincent Woon Kok Sin, Phuang Zhen Xin, Lin Zuchao, and Wong Khai Jian from the School of New Energy and Chemical Engineering for their publications in Energy.

Energy is a tier-1 SCI journal with an impact factor of 6.082. Phuang Zhen Xin is currently a research assistant at XMUM; Lin Zuchao has graduated in 2020 and is currently pursuing his master’s degree at the University of New South Wales, Australia; and Wong Khai Jian is a final year undergraduate student at XMUM.

Entitled "A novel food waste management framework combining optical sorting system and anaerobic digestion: A case study in Malaysia", the first paper was co-authored by Phuang Zhen Xin and Lin Zuchao due to their active contribution to the work. In this paper, the researchers proposed a novel framework for food waste segregation and valorization to tackle the food waste issue. After being segregated from other wastes with an optical sorting system, the food waste will be valorized via anaerobic digestion into biogas. The life cycle results demonstrated that turning 80% of daily food waste to electricity via anaerobic digestion will reduces 0.4% of the total carbon emissions and contributes 1.1% of the total electricity consumption in Malaysia. The study indicated that by valorizing food waste to renewable energy, sustainable food waste management is crucial to reduce reliance on landfills and promote a circular economy.


Phuang Zhen Xin also published her final year project paper in Energy as the first author. With the title “Unlocking the environmental hotspots of palm biodiesel upstream production in Malaysia via life cycle assessment”, the paper identified the culprits behind the major environmental loads in palm biodiesel upstream production and proposed practical solutions to address the environmental problems induced. Her research enables stakeholders to construct more sustainable palm biodiesel upstream production. This project was carried out under the supervision of Ts. Dr. Vincent Woon, under whose supervision Phuang Zhen Xin will pursue her master’s degree later this year. In addition, Wong Khai Jian has been named as the third author of this paper in recognition of his significant contribution to the project.


Phuang, Lin, and Wong shared their experience in writing and publishing:

Phuang Zhen Xin

Phuang: “I would like to extend my gratitude to my FYP supervisor, Dr. Vincent Woon, who has provided his utmost support and guidance to me and my peers throughout the paper writing and publishing process. He not only taught us everything (research skills and paper writing) from scratch, but also guided us in tackling the comments from the editorial board after each round of review. Apart from gaining experience in paper writing, we have also garnered in-depth knowledge on waste recovery solutions.”

Lin Zuchao

Lin: “I am very grateful that I could stay in Dr. Vincent's research team after graduation and have published a paper in Energy. In my final year project, I realized that the separation and collection of food waste is the most critical process to food waste management. After the whole research process, I gained a deeper understanding of life cycle assessment and waste-to-energy. It is my great honor to participate in the publication of this paper with Dr. Vincent and his team." 

Wong Khai Jian

Wong: “I am very grateful for the opportunity to take part in writing this paper. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd co-author a paper during my undergraduate studies, not to mention in an SCI Q1 journal. I would like to thank Dr. Vincent and Zhen Xin for their guidance throughout the entire paper writing process. It has been a fruitful journey for me, and I believe that what I have learned here will aid me in my future career.”

Ts. Dr. Vincent Woon

Ts. Dr. Vincent Woon serves as an Assistant Professor at XMUM School of Energy and Chemical Engineering. With 10-year academic and industry experiences in environmental management and green city planning, his research interests include carbon footprint analysis, life cycle assessment, recycling of solid waste, green township and building development, and energy optimization. Since joining XMUM, he received several international awards including YSEALI Academy Seminar Fellowship by the US Department of State, CrossCulture Programme Fellowship by the German Federal Foreign Office, and First Prize of the Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development by the Global Development Network. He is also a Professional Technologist with the Malaysia Board of Technologists and a GreenRE Accredited Professional of Real Estate & Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia.


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