Unveiling Ceremony for XMU Anthem Stone held at XMUM


To celebrate the Centenary of Xiamen University (XMU) and the 5th Anniversary of Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM), an Unveiling Ceremony for XMU Anthem Stone was held at the lakeside of XMUM in the morning of 3 April 2021.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Zhang Ying, Assistant President of XMUM, Prof. Wang Huiqiong, Director of XMUM Research Management Center, and Mr. Heng Hua Teck, Director of Student Affairs and Student Recruitment at XMUM. Also present at the ceremony were representatives of staff and students who are currently residing on campus. The emcee of the event was Ms. Li Xiaowen, Executive Assistant to XMUM President.

On behalf of the university, Dr. Zhang Ying expressed her sincerely gratitude to Mr. Zhou Yongtang, an XMU alumnus, for donating the Anthem Stone. She said that the stirring lyrics and beautiful melody of XMU Anthem have inspired generations of XMU students to pursue excellence and strive for perfection. She expressed the hope that, invigorated by Tan Kah Kee spirit and XMU Anthem, XMUM students and staff would achieve greater success and contribute to XMUM’s efforts to become a university with a distinct global outlook, featuring first-class teaching and research, and embracing cultural diversity.

After the singing of XMU Anthem by all attendees, Dr. Zhang, Prof. Wang and Mr. Heng unveiled the Anthem Stone together. With a height of 2.6 meters, a length of 2 meters, and a width of 0.8 meter, the Stone weights 8 tons. The words carved on the stone comes from the lyrics of XMU Anthem: “Let’s seek truth to no end; let’s fill with love unbound”.

The donor of the XMU Anthem Stone, Mr. Zhou Yongtang joined XMU in 1948 to study Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. He followed XMU to Changting in western Fujian province as the university was relocated to the interior during the wartime. He is currently the honorary chairman of XMU Taiwan Alumni Association. Over the years, Mr. Zhou has made several generous donations to XMU and has set up bursaries for students with financial difficulties. In 2016, he donated three XMU Anthem Stones to XMU, placed respectively at XMU Siming Campus, Zhangzhou Campus and Xiang’an Campus. To celebrate XMU’s Centenary, Mr. Zhou made donation for another Anthem Stone to be place at the Malaysian Campus of XMU.

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