Prof. Wang Xiaomei’s Book on Sociolinguistics Published by the Commercial Press


The Research Management Center congratulates Prof. Wang Xiaomei from XMUM’s Department of Chinese Studies on publishing a book entitled “The Sociolinguistic Studies on Malaysian Chinese Community” (《马来西亚华人社会语言研究》) with the Commercial Press, a leading publisher in China.

This is the first book on the sociolinguistic situation of Malaysian Chinese community written in Chinese.

Based on empirical studies and a large number of surveys, the book presents and interprets the language situation of Malaysian Chinese from different perspectives. Topics covered include linguistic resources, language competition, language spread, language maintenance and shift, language choice, language planning, linguistic landscape, and language contact in Malaysia.

According to Prof. Guo Xi from Jinan University, the book is “a significant contribution to the research field from theoretical and empirical perspectives”, and the findings may enlighten its readers in understanding the real sociolinguistic situation of Malaysian Chinese community at both micro and macro levels.

This book is also a summation of Prof. Wang Xiaomei’s research experiences for the past twenty years in Malaysia. Malaysian Mandarin and sociolinguistics are two of her key research fields, on which she has published over 70 journal papers and book chapters.

As written by Prof. Chew Cheng Hai, a well-known linguist and educator, in his preface for the book, Malaysia is “an important research site for both sociolinguistics and global Chinese”, and he believes that Prof. Wang can play an important role in increasing the country’s competitiveness in the studies of global Mandarin.

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