Dr. Chew Kit Wayne Receives IChemE Global Award for Young Researcher 2020


The Research Management Center congratulates Dr. Chew Kit Wayne from the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, XMUM for being chosen as the winner of IChemE Malaysia Awards and IChemE Global Awards – Young Researcher 2020.

The IChemE Young Researcher Award recognises the chemical engineer who best demonstrates the impact of their chemical engineering research to address important technical, economic, environmental or social issues. Each year in Malaysia, outstanding young researchers compete nationally to be selected as the winner to represent the country in the IChemE Global Awards. Dr. Chew won the Young Researcher Award for his research into bioprocess engineering design and renewable energy.

The IChemE Global Awards celebrate chemical, process and biochemical engineering excellence and are widely considered as the world’s most prestigious chemical engineering awards. Dr. Chew was selected as the winner for the Global Awards 2020 under the Young Researcher category, due to his leading research in bioprocess engineering design and renewable energy. Other finalist came from industries and academic institutions, including Nanyang Technological University, University College London, Zhejiang University, CSL Canada, etc.

About Dr. Chew Kit Wayne

Dr. Chew Kit Wayne is now a Lecturer with the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, XMUM. His current research involves chemical and biochemical engineering, sustainability, bioprocess engineering design and renewable energy. He is serving as an editorial board member of The Open Microalgae Biotechnology Journal, guest editor of Environmental Research, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Chemosphere, Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, Bioengineered, Current Nutrition and Food Science, and Processes, and review editor of Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology and Frontiers in Energy Research.

Dr. Chew has more than 70 publications during the 4 years of his academic career. Currently, he is working on developing a multiphase system which can be utilized as a biorefinery tool for multiple products generation, while finding a possible usage for the waste biomass created to complete a circular bioeconomy of microalgae. He is also part of several industrial collaborative works, focusing on industrial wastewater treatment, biomass valorization and novel bioproducts synthesis.


Figure: Dr. Chew (fifth from left) and his collaborators and students.

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Dr Chew expresses his utmost gratitude to all his close collaborators and colleagues who have supported him in wining this prestigious award.

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