XMUM Co-hosts the 3rd International Conferences on Future Smart Cities


Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) successfully hosted the 3rd International Conference on Future Smart Cities (FSC) & Resilient and Responsible Architecture and Urbanism (RRAU) from 14 to 15 November 2020, with International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange (IEREK) as the collaborative partner. The conference was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opening ceremony of FSC and RRAU virtual conference 2020

The conference brought together papers from academics, scientists, industry experts and engineers from more than 10 countries including Australia, Switzerland, Poland, India, etc.

Selected papers will be published in the Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation (ASTI) book series published by Springer or The International Journal of Proceedings of Science and Technology (Resourceedings) published online by IEREK Press.

The welcome speeches were presented by Prof. Huang Nay Ming, the Conference Chairman and Head of XMUM’s Department of New Energy Science and Engineering; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zhang Ying, Assistant President of XMUM; and Dr. Mourad Amer, President and CEO of IEREK. Five keynote speakers then delivered their presentations on the following topics:

1. Prof. Hisham Elkadi (University of Salford, UK) – Subjectification of Smart Urban Futures

2. Prof. Jack Cheng (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)– Digital Twin based on BIM-IoT Integration for Smart Campus at HKUST

3. Prof. Cheng Wang (Xiamen University, China) –  Indoor 3D Mapping for Future Smart Cities

4. Prof. Rob Roggema (Hanze University Groningen, The Netherlands) – Landscape at heart: resilience and adaptation by design

5. Prof. Han Wang (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) – Computer vision in unmanned bus driving 

 Keynote presentations

The 2-day conference contained 4 sessions of paper presentations with the following themes: Computational Advancements in Future Smart Cities, The Path to Resiliency: Theory and Application,  Challenges and Key Components for Developing Smart Cities and “Resiliency for the Future”. Topics discussed ranging from the development of cities, transportation, sustainability, architecture, engineering and computing techniques, to the anticipated impact of major changes on the environment.

This year, a number of XMUM undergraduate students from Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, delivered presentations on the following topics:

1. Fengkai Guo, Yingge Tao, Tianhao Lan, Shuo Wang, Bhuiyan Mohammad Arif Sobhan: “Energy-Efficient Automatic Light Control System for Modern Urban City”

2. Fan Zhang, XiaoQi Yang, Xiang Li, ShaoAng Li, WanWei Yu, Tawfig Eltaif: “Intelligent Irrigation System for Future Smart City”

3. Lau Chun Tung, Ong Cheng Seang, Khaw Jin Hang, Low Xiet Shuan, Khairun Nisa’ Minhad: “Implementation of Generators and Artificial Intelligence Detection Methods in Gyms to Reduce the Electrical Energy Used in A Building” 

 XMUM undergraduate students delivering presentations on their research

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