XMUM Undergraduate Co-authors Research Article in SCI Tier-1 Journal


The Research Management Center congratulates Chen Weichen, an undergraduate student from XMUM New Energy Science and Engineering (NESE) programme on co-authoring a paper entitled “Electrospinning-Based Strategies for Battery Materials” on 24 June 2020 in Advanced Energy Materials, a peer-reviewed SCI Tier-1 journal with an impact factor of 25.25. The paper is a collaboration with researchers from Fujian Normal University, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Sydney.

Electrospinning is a popular technique to prepare one-dimensional tubular/fiber nanomaterials that assemble into 2D/3D structures. When combined with other material processing technologies such as chemical vapor deposition and hydrothermal treatment, a powerful synthesis strategy can be realized, and the structure and composition characteristics of energy storage materials can be adjusted.


This article reviews the latest developments of the combination between electrospinning and other material processing technologies, resulting in a powerful synthesis strategy that can customize the structure and composition characteristics of energy storage materials for its energy storage applications. The synthesized nanomaterials can also be used as nanoreactors for in-situ transmission electron microscopy characterization, so as to understand the mechanism of the material synthesis process and the electrochemical reaction behavior related to energy storage applications. Chen Weichen’s contribution focuses on the combination of electrospinning technology with other synthetic methods and its use in preparing functional frames and stents in the field of batteries.

Chen Weichen, who is currently in his fourth year of study, recalled the process of writing the paper:

“It is my great honor to finish this article with several professors from different universities. Through this project, I have experienced the charm of scientific research and realized the importance of scientific rigor. During the entire process, I was required to pay much attention to professional details and wording. Besides, I really appreciate the inspiration and selfless help that Prof. Huang Nay Ming gave me.”

Chen Weichen is going to start his final year project under the guidance of Prof. Huang Nay Ming from School of Energy Science and Chemical Engineering, XMUM.

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