XMUM Receives Additional Donations of Face Masks


Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) has recently received donations of 17,000 face masks for the use of its staff and students on campus.

Mr. Zhang Yihui, the General Manager of Fujian Jiulong Construction Group Co. Ltd. (Zhangzhou Branch), donated 7,000 face masks, while Ms. Lin Qi, a third year China student at XMUM Electrical and Electronic Engineering Programme, donated 10,000 face masks.

The University management expressed their sincere gratitude towards the donators’ generous contribution and said that they will make full use of the face masks to combat Covid-19.

Priorly, XMUM has received multiple donations of face masks from various sources, including the business community and individuals from China. As of today, the donated face masks received by the University has amounted to 32,200 pieces in total.

The University management hopes that these face masks will help safeguard XMUM staff and students who have to work or stay around the campus area during the Restriction Movement Order (RMO).

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