​Prof. Dr. Zheng Jin-Cheng Publishes in SCI Tier-1 Journal of Power Sources


Research Management Center congratulates Prof. Dr. Zheng Jin-Cheng, Director of XMUM Innovation Center, for publishing a research article in Journal of Power Sources, an international reputable SCI Tier-1 scientific journal with an impact factor of 7.467. The paper entitled “Nitrogen and phosphorus co-doped silkworm-cocoon-based self-activated porous carbon for high performance supercapacitors” was published on 26 August 2019. The authors of the paper include 9 other scientists affiliated with Shanghai University (SHU), University of Southern California, Xiamen University China (XMU) and Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM). This project was led by Assoc. Prof. Yan Hao, Prof. Li Wenrong and Assoc. Prof. Dai Yang from SHU and Prof. Zheng Jin-Cheng from XMUM and XMU.

CV curves at 10 mV/s for the flexible supercapacitor subjected to different bending (inset is the picture of bended flexible supercapacitor)

The authors stated the significance of the work:

“We developed an eco-friendly self-activation approach to prepare N/P co-doped porous carbon from biomass (silkworm cocoon) and natural product (phytic acid) and the prepared cheese-brick-like porous carbon demonstrated high performance for supercapacitors. Considering the abundance and sustainability of the silkworm and phytic acid, together with the easy-controlled self-activation process, the N, P-co-doped porous carbon will also be possibly used in other energy storage aspects, such as batteries, catalyst for fuel cell, or water splitting, and so on. Therefore, our work here provides a simple, cost-effective, and green approach to prepare P, N-codoped porous carbon for energy storage applications.”

This paper is available online:


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