Dr. Ng Kim Hoong and XMUM Students Publish in SCI Tier-1 Journal


Research Management Center congratulates Dr. Ng Kim Hoong from School of Energy and Chemical Engineering for publishing the review article entitled TiO2 and ZnO photocatalytic treatment of palm oil mill effluent (POME) and feasibility of renewable energy generation: A short review on 7 June 2019 in the SCI Tier 1 journal - Journal of Cleaner Production. This journal has an Impact Factor of 6.395 and ranked 18/250 in the category “Environmental Sciences” according to Journal Citation Report 2018. The review was the collaborative efforts of Dr. Ng Kim Hoong (First & Corresponding Author) and Dr. Lai Sin Yuan from School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, XMUM, as well as Associate Professor Dr. Cheng Chin Kui from Universiti Malaysia Pahang. In addition, 2 third-year undergraduate students from XMUM Chemical Engineering Programme, Fang Chao and Chen Kaijuan, have also contributed important parts to this perceptive and insightful work.

The flourishing of palm oil industry in Malaysia is always shadowed by the massive palm oil mill effluent (POME) produced along the oil-extraction process. Without a proper treatment, POME generated might impose a disastrous destruction to the environment by contaminating water resources. Unfortunately, the widely applied ponding system can hardly cope with stringent hurdle set by the Department of Environment. Therefore, there are strong urges in demanding for a new alternative to effectively treat the POME waste, or even a better approach to convert the waste into renewable energy resources along the treating process. To ameliorate these issues, photocatalytic process could be an ideal alternative for renewable energy production from POME treatment. As an effort towards environmental conservation, the review provides a systematic summary from related past researches, subsequently leads to meaningful insights on feasibility of co-generating renewable energy from the photocatalytic treatment of POME.


This paper is available online: 


Authors from XMUM:

1. Dr. Ng Kim Hoong


Dr. Ng Kim Hoong received his Doctoral Degree in Chemical Engineering from Universiti Malaysia Pahang in 2017. After the completion of his degree, he was appointed as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Universiti Malaysia Pahang and subsequently joined School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, XMUM as Lecturer in April 2018. His research focuses on the treatment and valorisation of waste. To date, he has published 15 SCI journal papers in the field of industrial wastewater treatment and valorisation of waste into renewable energy. He has also received the 2019 MOE research fund - Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS).

2. Dr. Lai Sin Yuan


Dr. Lai Sin Yuan received her PhD Degree in Chemistry (materials science) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in 2014. After her PhD graduation, she worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Nanomaterials (CSNano), UTM, for a year. Then she continued her career at a university college for 2 years, before joining School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, XMUM as an Assistant Professor in April 2018. Her research interests cover sustainable materials synthesis, materials science, nanomaterials, heterogeneous catalysis, and green chemistry.

3. Fang Chao and Chen Kaijuan


Both Fang Chao (left) and Chen Kaijuan (right) are third-year XMUM students, currently pursuing their bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering. 

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