Five XMUM Students Attend the Future Aircraft Innovation Competition


On July 20 2019, the finals of the 5th Flying Shark Cup National Graduate Future Aircraft Innovation Competition was held at Xiang'an Campus of Xiamen University. Five XMUM students were invited by Prof. You Yancheng, the Executive Dean of the School of Aerospace Engineering, Xiamen University to observe the competition. The five students are Wu Yunze (Computer Science and Technology), Nie Lan (Digital Media Technology), Ren Xin (Software Engineering), Ye Xiaofeng and Lin Yuhan (both from Electrical and Electronic Engineering). They were accompanied by Prof. Zheng Jincheng, the Director of Innovation Center of XMUM. 

After a fierce competition and expert review in the preliminary competition, 125 teams (including 103 for regular track and 22 for corporate track) were shortlisted and participated in the national finals. The finals contains two sections - presentation and test flight, with more than 40 experts and scholars from relevant research fields serving as judges. 15 teams were selected to win the first prize, 30 teams for the second prize, and 80 teams for the third prize.

The 5 XMUM students gained valuable experiences after watching the competition.

According to Wu Yunze: “It is a great honor to watch and study from the competition. I saw so many novel aircraft models and watched the presentation of competitors’ interesting ideas about the future of aircraft and theories that can be used to make it come true.”

Nie Lan: “I am very grateful to the university for giving us this opportunity to watch such a high level competition. The participating teams coming from all over the country have produced outstanding entries. I feel that from the generation of ideas, design, to the final model production and perfection, each process must be rigorously treated. They made me realize the importance of studying.”

Ye Xiaofeng: “I am deeply impressed by the bold innovations of the graduate students. Even though there were some mistakes in their works according to the judges, I still admire them. Looking at the attractive aircraft model they designed, I cannot wait to design my own electronic device model.”

Lin Yuhan: “The splendid work of these outstanding students encouraged me to pursue excellence, and strive for perfection. After learning so many things during this competition, I will try my best in science work and to become a better person than before.”

Ren Xin: “This competition gave me lots of inspiration. It made me realized the importance of knowledge foundation, design, computing, basic calculation and implementation, which together contribute to a superior performance. I also learnt that teamwork helps make design practical and feasible. This competition impressed me with the charm of teamwork.”


The opening ceremony of the 5th “Flying Shark Cup” National Graduate Future Aircraft Innovation Competition

Various aircraft designs in the competition by participating teams


Five participating XMUM students post together with Prof. You Yancheng, the Executive Dean of the School of Aerospace Engineering, XMU (3rd right) and Prof. Zheng Jincheng (4th right), the Director of Innovation Center, XMUM

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