Chemical Engineering Student Wins Second Prize in 14th “Challenge Cup” Competition of Fujian Province


Under the instruction of Dr. Ong Wee Jun, second-year chemical engineering student Ren Yijie won the second prize for his project, Research of Heterojunction Interfaces in Graphitic Carbon Nitride (g-C3N4)-based Metal Sulfide Photocatalysts for Energy Conversion in the 14th Challenge Cup University Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition of Fujian Province”.        

The Challenge Cup, which was initiated in 1989, is the largest and most influential scientific and technological innovation competition for university students in China. Held every two years, it is regarded as the Olympic of scientific and technological innovation for students in tertiary education. The purpose of the competition is to promote students' spirit of scientific and technological innovation, deepen quality-oriented education in universities, and foster economic and social development.

A total of 519 entries from 47 colleges and universities signed up for this years competition, covering machinery and control, information technology and mathematics, life sciences, energy and chemical engineering, philosophy and society, law and education, as well as economy and management. Xiamen University ranked first among all the competitors and earned the Outstanding Organization Award.

Ren Yijie shared some valuable experiences that he gained from the competition:

1. Success takes a lot of efforts: From the initial display board design, to the poster production, video production, and finally, the 5-min elevator pitch, I have put a lot of efforts into acquiring the many new skills reqired for this project. Most importantly, I have learned how to confidently speak in front of the audience. 

2. The importance of perseverance and endurance: The day before the competition, I received constructive comments from the experts to make my presentation better. That night I revised the draft in the hotel until 3am, which was quite a challenge to my perseverance and endurance.

3. Polish one’s skills: During the competition, I learned how to communicate with experts: At the beginning of the first round of panel discussion, I was very nervous. However, I was able to answer confidently in the third round of panel discussion, which was a very impressive experience.

4. Learn to apply theoretical knowledge to commercial purposes:  In my project, I have successfully applied my findings from the published photocatalytic paper to commercial purposes. I taught myslef the latest business knowledge, and communicated with various photocatalytic manufacturers for their expertise. Thanks to their advice and the subsequent scientific research achievements of our research team, I finally completed the project.

5. Accept the results calmly: Although I was a little sad to receive the second prize, I realized that the most important thing was to acquire experience, which would be helpful for my whole life, rather than the ranking itself.

6. Meet many good seniors: I learned a lot of experience and widened my vision from the graduate students I met during the competition. 


Ren Yijie’s competition booth

Group photo of Xiamen University after the competition 


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