Innovation Talk Series #8 | From Synthetic to Natural Materials


Innovation Talk Series #8 was held on 10 July 2019 by Innovation Center to introduce the application of synthetic and natural materials in the industry to XMUM students and staff.  

Prof. Frank Alexis, who currently serves as Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation in Yachay Tech University, Ecuador, was invited as the guest speaker. He is also the founder of BiodiverSource, and Chief Scientific Officer of GearJump Technologies.

In the speech, Prof Alexis focused on multiple applications of both synthetic and natural materials in relevant industries. He discussed about different synthesis approaches of polyesters with X-ray CT-contrast imaging properties. Meanwhile, he showed three examples of materials with unique structures discovered from plants, as well as their therapeutic, environmental remediation, and agrotechnology applications. He also shared his insights about the advances in the fields of research, development, and commercialization.


Prof. Frank Alexis presenting to the audience during his public talk.


Prof. Frank Alexis (2nd right) posted after his speech with Assistant President Dr. Zhang Ying (3rd right), Director of Innovation Center, Prof. Zheng Jincheng (1st right) and XMUM staff.

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