XMUM Badminton Club Organizes Outdoor Training Session


The Badminton Club of Xiamen University Malaysia has organized an outdoor training session for club members on 20 April 2019 at Tadom Hill Resorts in Banting, Selangor. This one-day trip aims to create bonding between team members and allow the team to experience different training styles.


Prof. Huang Nay Ming, advisor of the club, joined in the activities and training together with the members.

“It will definitely be boring and less effective if the training venue and manner do not change,” said Ong Cheng Seang, the organizing chairperson of the training, “and this is why the outdoor training idea was generated.”

The event included a few on-land games as well as exciting activities such as the Limbo game, giant Jenga and Flying Fox, while bamboo raft and bamboo diving received most positive feedbacks from the members. 


The members were playing and enjoying the bamboo raft activities.

The training received enthusiastic responses from the participants. Liaw Boon Yin, a second-year student, said that the activities would really help to facilitate their team spirit. He also mentioned that it would strengthen members emotionally so that they can face the result of badminton tournaments with a better mindset, as failure is always hard to cope with in sport games.


A group photo of the participants. 

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