SWAG 2.0 Held at XMUM


“Hello, hello?” “SWAG, SWAG!”

Yes, this is the spirit of SWAGians! Xiamen University Malaysia Swimming Club held the 2nd Swimming with Aquatic Games (SWAG) camp on 3 & 4 Nov 2018.

All the local and international participants enjoyed the two-day camp held on campus. The committees put their best to ensure that everything went smoothly, and to enhance the experience of SWAGians. No doubt, they had made it!

Compared with the 40 participants of the first SWAG camp, 60 participants had participated in SWAG 2.0, which proved that SWAG is indeed a fun and amazing event. Whether you are a pro or non-pro swimmer, you are welcomed. The SWAGians enjoyed a variety of activities such as station games, aquatic mini competitions, water polo, lifesaving talk, zumba, gym training and yoga learning section during the two days.

There will not be any other camp with so much fun as this one! By spending some time and money during free time to join the event, the participants gained a reward beyond imagination! The camp fee included five meals and a meticulously-designed T-shirt. Apart from aquatic activities, the station games boost the mind of the participants and improved their teamwork skills. The committees even prepared certificate and free gifts for every participant.

Disappointed for unable to participate in? Good news here! SWAG 3.0 is coming soon.

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