XMUM Students Pitch Innovations to TusStar Incubator


On 14 December 2018, Ms. Han Wei, general manager of TusStar Incubator Shanghai, and Prof. Dr. Ren Rongwei from Sun Yat-sen Business School, Sun Yat-sen University China, had a sharing-and-coaching session at Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM). Organized by Office of Research and Innovation, the unique event aimed to nurture leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation among XMUM students.

Seated From left: Wil Chan (CEO, TusStar Incubator Malaysia), Yuan Su (Executive Manager, TusStar Incubator Shanghai), Han Wei, Prof. Ren Rongwei, Prof. Dr. Wang Hui-Qiong (Director, Office of Research and Innovation, XMUM), and Dr. Wong Lai Wan (Deputy Registrar, XMUM).

Three teams of XMUM students took the opportunity to deliver their entrepreneurship ideas and business values to the experts during the sharing-and-coaching session. Third year  student Gui Hua from Computer Science and Technology Programme found the advice from the experts inspiring:

“I learnt from Ms. Han how to analyse the market in an organized way, and Prof. Ren guided us to align our product so that it will be in line with market trends. We have a clearer vision of what our product will be like two years from now.”

Second year student Joyce Lee Rui Jing recounted the event:

“Prof. Ren shared with us the success stories of WeChat Pay and Alipay. The experts emphasized the importance of understanding the cultural behaviour of our potential customers when formulating our marketing strategies.”

Second year Finance student Bai Fengduo said that his team had benefited greatly from the coaching session:

The experts not only inspired us on the possibility of amelioration and development of our project, but also discussed with us the future development trend of Malaysian digital currency.  It is a great honour for us to talk to some established experts like Ms. Han and Prof. Ren.”

Chooi Di Shan, third year student from School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, summarized what he had grasped from the sharing-and-coaching session:

“To sum up what I have learnt from the event: four important elements for start-up businesses are – period, suitability, market, and who is going to be in charge.”

TusStar Incubator, formerly known as Tsinghua Pioneer Park established in 1999, is one of Chinas oldest and largest professional incubators. It has incubated over 5,000 enterprises over the years, with the cumulative return on equity investment reaching nearly RMB 20 billion.

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