Program Information - Master of Business Administration KPT/JPS [N/345/7/1078] 06/23 [MQA/PA9723]


Master of Business Administration KPT/JPS [N/345/7/1078] 06/23 [MQA/PA9723]

Medium of Instruction: English

Intake: April / August / December


  • Full-Time: Weekdays

  • Part-Time Conventional: Weekdays

  • Part-Time Modular: Weekends


Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) MBA is a comprehensive programme that equips you with practical knowledge, innovative skills and experience relevant to the needs of today’s workplace.  

With a mission to nurture young talents with dignity and wisdom to meet the challenges of globalisation, this carefully designed programme adopts a holistic learning approach for adult learners.  With this in mind, XMUM MBA offers a rigorous curriculum facilitated by a selected team of qualified academics flanked by industry leaders to ensure optimum learning experience.

The synergistic approach combining practical know-how supported by strong theoretical foundations sets you ahead on a stimulating and enriching learning journey. Embracing the "5Cs+L" training philosophy, the MBA nurtures the desirable traits of Competitiveness, Confidence, Cooperativeness, Creativity and Credibility, all of which define a competent Leader and a responsible global citizen. With importance placed on character building and networking opportunities, this MBA programme is complemented by specially crafted informal and simulated learning activities.

Xiamen University Malaysia’s MBA is strongly supported by its headquarters, Xiamen MBA Centre, the first in China to offer MBA, which is recognised among the top in the world by Forbes and Business Week. Drawing on this strong tie and the global network of more than 8,000 alumni, this MBA is undoubtedly the preferred pathway towards a deeper understanding of China and its winning business environment.


An MBA programme that affords an interactive and inclusive platform specially tailored to empower adult learners; it offers an insightful journey that takes you into your inner recesses of self-discovery and reflection, and equips you with the competence and confidence to collaborate with diverse communities, hence enhancing your social and professional connections.

holistic MBA programme that not only places importance in formal learning but recognises the role of informal as well as non-formal learning.

An integrated MBA programme that blends the best of Chinese cultural elements with local and global insights. 

collaborative MBA programme that facilitates access to excellent research, teaching, consultancy and networking resources with Xiamen University, China. 


Personal metamorphosis

Career switch or advancement 


Potential business collaboration in China 


  • Principles of Management

  • Management Communication

  • Financial Accounting

  • Human Resources Management

  • Organizational Behaviour

  • Operations Management  

  • Marketing

  • Corporate Finance

  • Strategic Management

  • Research Methods

  • Research Project

Only 2 out of 5 major elective courses are needed to fulfil the graduation requirement.

  • *Financial Analysis and Decisions

  • *Supply Chain and Logistics Management

  • *Consumer Behaviour

  • *Corporate Governance

  • *Business Model Innovation


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