Cardiff University Professor Hosts Seminar at XMUM


Prof. Omer Rana, International Dean of the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Cardiff University, came to XMUM to host a seminar on Integrating IoT/Edge Devices with Cloud Systems for Real Time Sensing & Data Analytics on 30 October 2018. It has been a wonderful opportunity for XMUM students and lecturers from programmes related to Information and Communication Technology (ICT), enabling them to discuss cutting-edge development in this field with an internationally renowned scholar. Prof. Rana also introduced some of the programmes and opportunities offered by their College, which covers:

1. Summer and Winter Schools. Students can spend two or three weeks at Cardiff University to learn about technical information, local culture and society. There are 5 Summer schools which are Alternative Energy and Combustion, Big Data and High-Performance Computing, Diversity of Catalysis, Electronic Engineering, and Low Carbon Architecture. More information will be released soon.

2. A 3-year Masters Programme in Collaboration with National Software Academy. Students will be given a real-time project to be completed under the supervision of a lecturer and specialist.

3Centre for Student Life. The centre has a range of services including support for study, health and well-being, preparing for the future, managing money and living in Cardiff.

4. Research Opportunities. Lecturers from XMUM are invited to conduct collaborative research with Cardiff University researchers. Researchers can work on subjects of interest, attend or even give a seminar at Cardiff University. The option of collaborative research funding was also mentioned.

5. PhD Studies. Students who achieve excellency in Cardiff Master programmes will be recommended to join the research team for their PhD studies at Cardiff.

Cardiff University ranks top 10 in UK and top 100 in the world. It is part of the Russell Group, a collection of elite universities across the United Kingdom, and has been named the Welsh University of the year in 2018. To find out more about College of Physical Sciences and Engineering of Cardiff University, you may visit

Should any students are interested to know more about the postgraduate programmes or any information related to Cardiff University, please do not hesitate to visit the International Affairs Office at B1#203 or email us at Alternatively, you may send your enquiries to Prof. Omer Rana at

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