XMUM Students Win 4 Silver Prizes in China "Internet+" Competition


XMUM students brought back four (4) silver medals from the final competition of the 4th China College Students “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the world’s largest competition of its kind. The competition, organized by China’s Ministry of Education, has become a key platform to promote the overall development of university students and the close linkage between academic research and practical applications.

This year, the competition received more than 640,000 submissions from 2.65 million college students in mainland China, and 600 submissions from 50 countries around the world. The competition received such spotlight because influential winning teams would obtain investments and immediate market focus, enabling college students to open their minds to the route of entrepreneurship. For the international track, 60 winning projects were selected out of the 600 entries to take part in the final competition, through which four (4) XMUM projects proudly won silver prizes.

The four teams representing XMUM were:

Fluorescent Zebrafish – The Water Quality Monitoring Elf

Team Leader: Zhou Tianyu (Marine Biotechnology, XMUM)

Team members: Tian Yu (Accounting, XMUM); Zhou Yixi (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, XMU); Shen Chao (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, XMU), and Zhang Xinran (Biological Sciences, XMU).

Advisor: Prof. Zuo Zhenghong

Description: By taking advantage of dioxins’ toxication mechanism in zebrafish and gene editing technology, the team produces transgenic fluorescent zebrafish with body organ that can detect concentration of dioxin in water.


The Fluorescent Zebrafish team posing with advisor Prof. Zuo (second from right).

i_Music – Intelligent Music Learning System

Team Leader: Lyu Shijie (Software Engineering, XMUM)

Team members: Wu Zhezheng (Accounting, XMUM), Ho Wei Chin (Finance, XMUM), Yang Xiaojuan (Software Engineering, XMU)

Advisor: Dr. Wu Qingqiang, Dr. Liu Kunhong

Description: The team developed an intelligent music software that helps students learn and practise music. Based on intelligent scoring systems, the software provides feedback to identify gaps and improve students’ learning efficiency. The core algorithms used in the scoring system are: machine learning, data mining, and dynamic time warping functions.


i-Music Team being interviewed by Southeast TV.

Sharing Makeup Room

Team Leader: Lan Ai (Accounting, XMUM)

Team members: Pu Hanxi (Accounting, XMUM), Chen Xinjie (Software Engineering, XMUM), Hon Sing Hong (International Business, XMUM), Wendy Ee Wei Chy (International Business, XMUM), Liu Zhongnan (Economic Statistics, XMU)

Description: Based on sharing economy, the team aims to provide mini makeup rooms that allow ladies rejuvenating their looks in an exclusive, hygiene, and affordable entity. The targeted areas for the sharing makeup rooms are: airport, financial street, subway stations, shopping malls and colleges. The sharing economy brings convenience to users and reduces wastage caused by cosmetics redundancy.

Sharing Makeup Room team in their pitch costumes that embrace cultural diversity.

From Sugar to Quantum Dots

Team Leader: Chooi Di Shan (New Energy Science and Engineering, NESE, XMUM)

Team members: Luo Hongjian (NESE, XMUM), He Zhanning (NESE, XMUM)

Advisors: Dr. Chong Su Sin, Dr. Chua Chong Lim, Dr. Lim Lih Wei, and Dr. Yap Teck Lee

Description: The team explores the way of using sugar, a common household commodity, to synthesize quantum dots (QD). Sugar-based QD may overcome the current limitations of QD production: complicated synthesis procedure, low production yield, and hazardous by-product. Sugar-based QD can be applied in Luminescent Solar Concentrator (LSC) to reduce the surface area required by solar cell.


Sugar to QD team posed with the competition mascot.

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