Bachelor of Arts in Advertising (Honours) (N/321/6/0242●MQA/PA9807)


Medium of Instruction: English

Intake: February/April/September

Duration: 3 years


Xiamen University is the pioneer of education for the field of advertising in China, since starting in 1983. Our programme at Xiamen University Malaysia provides a comprehensive exploration of advertising, public relations, integrated marketing communications, branding, digital marketing, strategic communications, event management and other practical courses. Courses allow students to acquire and practice skills in simulated situations and, when applicable, with professional clients. Students will learn to combine critical and strategic thinking with research and creativity to deliver effective messages to a targeted audience on behalf of a client. Every student can specialize in either the creative or the account management side of the business, after they develop a foundation in both areas.

Our skills curriculum begins with broad training across the professional practice areas of mass communication and in widely applicable skills such as data analysis and visualization. We believe our programme offers an unequaled blend of skills training, theoretical learning and real-world practice. As a result, our graduates leave as able practitioners, critical thinkers, problem solvers and innovators.

Programme Highlights

The programme sustains the role of communication both locally and globally in today’s connected world.

A stimulating and forward-thinking academic curriculum that integrates advertising and public relations.

The development of professionalism and the opportunity for real-world learning experiences with industry.

Main Courses Offered

Major Core Courses

Major Elective Courses

History of Media

Introduction to New Media Studies

Introduction to Advertising

Introduction to Mass Communication


Visual Communication Design

Advertising Creative

Media and Communication Law

Advertising Copywriting


TV Commercials and Promos

Brand Management

Advertising Workshop

Planning and Evaluation of Public Relations Campaigns

Advertising Psychology

Organizational Communication

Public Relations Workshop

Research Methodology / Media Research

Design Thinking

Final Year Project


Broadcast and Film Term

Intercultural Communication

Introduction to International Communication

Strategic Communication Planning

Social Media and Public Relations

New Media Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Data Analysis in Digital Creative Industries

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising, public relations and full-service agencies;

  • In-house communication departments at corporations and nonprofit organizations;

  • Government agencies and bureaus;

  • Legislative offices;

  • Political campaigns;

  • Special event organizations;

  • Higher education;

  • The media industry (web properties, social media sites, TV networks, magazines, radio networks);

  • Other organizations with creative, marketing or media departments.

Entry Requirements


minimum Grade C (NGMP 2.00) in 2 subjects and credit in English Language subject at SPM level or equivalent


minimum grade of Jayyid and Credit in English Language subject at SPM level or equivalent


at least grade B in 5 subjects including English Language subject


with at least grade D in 2 subjects


at least Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER) 70 and grade B in 2 related subjects


average 70% in 6 related subjects


at least CGPA 2.00 and Credit in English Language subject at SPM level or equivalent; OR pass Diploma (Level 4 MQF) in Media and Communication field or equivalent


at least CGPA 2.00 and Credit in English Language subject at SPM level or equivalent


Other qualifications recognized by Malaysia Government.


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