Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

NameTitleResearch FieldsProfile
Teo Lee PengProfessorMathematical Physics, Number Theory, Theoretical Physics, Integrable Systemspdf  
Lim Chong KeangProfessorGraph theorypdf  
Xia ChaoProfessorGeometric Analysis, Differential Geometry, Partial Differential Equationspdf  
Liu Wenfei
ProfessorAlgebraic Geometry, Algebraic Surfaces, Birational Geometry of Higher Dimensional Variety
Darren Ong Chung LeeAssociate ProfessorSpectral Theory, Quantum Dynamicspdf  
Huang CanAssociate ProfessorNumerical methods  for fractional differential equationspdf  
Numerical methods for stochastic partial differential equations
Liu JieAssociate ProfessorScientific computation, Numerical and Stochastic Analysis pdf  
Chin Wen CheongAssociate ProfessorFinancial time seriespdf  
Liu MeifengAssociate ProfessorMathematical Modelling, Computation Mechanics, Vibration Analysis, Structural Dynamicspdf  
Zeiner PeterAssociate ProfessorMathematical Crystallography, Aperiodic Order, Number Theory, Algebrapdf  
Nina YuAssociate ProfessorInfinite dimensional Lie algebras, vertex operator algebras and mathematical physics


Nisse MounirAssociate professorComplex and Tropical Algebraic Geometries, (Co) Amoebas, Enumerative Geometry (Gromov-Witten Invariants), and Mirror Symmetry
Lim MinAssistant ProfessorStatistical Modelling, Structural Equation Modelspdf  
Teng Ai HuiAssistant ProfessorData analytics, actuarial modelling, statistics educationpdf  
Goh Chien YongAssistant ProfessorEEG signal processing, spatial analysis, big datapdf  
Liew Siaw ChingAssistant ProfessorScientific Computation, Adaptive Analysis, Mesh-free Methods pdf  
Lim Yen KhengAssistant ProfessorBlack holes and general relativity, Gravitational systems in the AdS/CFT correspondence, Cosmology and gravitational lensing pdf  
Chang Ching Hao
Assistant ProfessorTopology and Geometrypdf
Fang MingAssistant ProfessorProbability and Statisticspdf
Wong Pak HuiSenior LecturerMathematics Educationpdf  


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