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The “Nan Ying Cup” was a battle of wits for students from XMUM. Held on 13 December this year, the Chinese Debate Competition was a culmination of a series of preliminary debates held over the past weeks.

Organised by Xiamen University Malaysia Chinese Debate Society and sponsored by ICBC Bank (M) Bhd, the competition showcased the best speakers who were selected from ten teams comprising 55 local and internationals students. Entering the grand final were the two teams named “ 红鲤鱼与绿鲤鱼与驴队” and “江山逆反客队”. that had survived rigorous qualifying rounds.

The event started at 7pm with a welcome speech by Ms Choo Yih Ling, president of “Nan Ying Cup” Chinese Debate Competition 2017. This was followed by a compendious speech by Mr Elvin, the senior manager of XMUM Student Affairs department.

Delivering her speech as the guest speaker, Madam Xing Xioka, representative of ICBC Bank (M) Bhd, said, “I am very impressed that a Chinese debate competition can be so successful in a university in Malaysia and I hope that our corporation can provide sponsorship continuously next year for this event,”

It was an intense debate, with the speakers pitching their points convincingly and eloquently. The adjudication panel comprising five respected senior debaters - Mr. Chai Jie Yang, Mr. Hong Wen Han, Mr. Kong Kok Heng, Mr. Lock Jun Qi, and Ms. Ooi Choong Han – described it as a close fight, and they had a tough time deciding on the winning team, that is, the “红鲤鱼与绿鲤鱼与驴队”. Guo Ge, from the same team, clinched the best speaker award.

At the end of the competition, Assistant President of Xiamen University Malaysia, Dr. Zhang Ying presented the prizes to the first-runner up and also the champion. It was an experience that left the audience startled and speechless, possibly amazed by the incredible vocal and persuasive skills of XMUM students.

Surely, another milestone for this branch campus is in its making as the university ventures into its second year of operation in Malaysia. 

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