Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology (Honours) (N/481/6/0706 ● MQA/PA5711)


Medium of Instruction: English

Intakes: February, April, September

Duration: 4 years


The CST programme at Xiamen University (XMU) was introduced in 1982 and is currently offered through School of Information Science and Engineering (SISE). As one of the oldest engineering schools in China with a comprehensive range of academic programmes, SISE owns an exemplary national educational centre for electronic information, and hosts the Ministry of Education's "Key Laboratory for Underwater Acoustic Communication and Marine Information Engineering".

We have extensive ties with many world-renowned universities and enterprises through academic exchanges and collaboration, and have appointed more than 20 international and domestic scholars, including members of the engineering academies of the US and Canada, as adjunct, guest or honorary professors. We joined the Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3) programme in 2011 as the first partner institute from mainland China.

Our programme at Xiamen University Malaysia Campus focuses on equipping graduates with a comprehensive set of knowledge that permits them to adapt to the ever-changing computer technologies and the constantly evolving computer industry, with a strong foundation in mathematics and computing skills that enables them to pursue topics of interest among the many sub-disciplines in computing, and with an ability to manage the computing infrastructure of an organisation.

Programme Highlights
  • A strong curriculum which emphasises the theoretical algorithmic foundations with a wide range of elective courses covering various specialised areas in computing for students to choose from.

  • A broad-based education that nurtures interdisciplinary talents capable of meeting new challenges in a changing world through the incorporation of elements of humanities, social sciences, economics and business management into the curriculum.

  • A good balance between theories and practical applications.

  • A strong link with industry that ensures up-to-date appreciation of computer technology developments and research directions.

Main Courses Offered
  • Introduction to Computer Science And Technology

  • Programming Practice

  • Discrete Mathematics

  • Data Structures

  • Digital Logic

  • Unix System Programming

  • Design And Analysis of Algorithms

  • Circuit Analysis

  • Principles of Computer Composition

  • Compiler Principles

  • Principles of Operating Systems

  • Software Architecture and Development Environment

  • Computer Architecture

  • Object-Oriented Programming-C++

  • Object-Oriented Programming-Java

  • Numerical Methods

  • Digital Signal Processing

  • Computer Graphics

  • Computer Networks and Communication

  • Multimedia Technology

  • Software Engineering

  • ARM Assembly Language

  • Principles of Database System

Researchers, system analysts, programmers, software architects, project managers, data analysts, and game developers

Entry Requirement
STPMminimum Grade C (NGMP 2.00) in 2 subjects, and pass in SPM or equivalent with credit in Additional Mathematics
A levelminimum passes in 2 subjects, and pass in SPM or equivalent with credit in Additional Mathematics
SAMa TER 70 and Grade B in 2 relevant subjects including Mathematics
UECat least Grade B in 5 subjects including Advanced Mathematics
CPUan average of 70% and pass 6 subjects including Mathematics
Foundation/Matriculation/Program Asasiat least CGPA 2.0 in the relevant field, and credit in Additional Mathematics in SPM or equivalent
Diplomapass in Diploma in Computer Science/Information System/Information  Technology/Software Engineering or equivalent with a minimum CGPA 2.5*, and credit in Additional Mathematics in SPM or equivalent
 Other Diplomas:
 a minimum CGPA of 2.5, and credit in Additional Mathematics in SPM or equivalent

*Note: Applicant with CGPA of less than 2.5 but more than 2.0 may be accepted subject to a stringent internal evaluation process.


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