Bachelor of Engineering in Digital Media Technology (Honours) (N/481/6/0705 ● MQA/PA5487)


Medium of InstructionEnglish

IntakesFebruary, April, September

Duration4 years


The DMT programme at Xiamen University is offered through the Software School, one of the 35 national exemplary software engineering schools approved by China’s Ministry of Education. The Software School has established joint research and development collaborations with a number of overseas IT enterprises such as MICROSOFT, IBM, BEA, ORACLE, SYBASE, SUN and DELL. The programme focuses on the provision of a strong background in fundamental computing knowledge along with a dose of computer animation, game design and interactive design. We provide advanced and specialised courses such as audio-visual language, augmented reality technology and design, information visualization, big data analytics, etc.

Our programme at Xiamen University Malaysia Campus equips graduates with a solid specialty background that enables them to adapt to the ever-changing digital media technology and operating environment through the analysis, evaluation, design, development, implementation and management of computer animation, computer games, and human-computer interaction software.

Programme Highlights
  • A strong curriculum that covers core fundamental knowledge along with a wide range of elective courses.

  • An emphasis on interdisciplinary training that encompasses humanities, social sciences, economics and business management.

  • A combination of creativity and technical knowledge that enables students to develop a meaningful career in the fast-growing and highly  competitive digital media sector.

  • A blend of theoretical knowledge and real-life applications for industry.

  • Plenty of networking opportunities that connect students with the outside world through multimedia events and seminars.

Main Courses Offered
  • Computing Mathematics

  • Computer Fundamentals

  • C and C++ Programming

  • Principles of Information Systems

  • Data Structure

  • Principles of Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction of Software Engineering

  • Computer Architecture

  • Operating Systems

  • Database

  • Fundamentals of Network Technology

  • Software Architecture and Design Patterns

  • Computer Graphics

  • Introduction to Game Design

  • Fundamentals of Computer Animation

  • 3D Modeling

  • Algorithm Analysis and Design

  • Human Computer Interaction

  • Audio-visual Language

  • Non-linear Editting

  • Game Development

  • XML Design Technology

  • Virtual Reality

  • Software Project Management

  • 3D Animation

  • Digital Synthesis Technology

  • Online Game Development

  • Embedded Game Design and Development

  • Digital Audio Technology

  • Mobile Application System Design

  • Information Visualization

  • Advanced Computer Graphics

  • Augmented Reality Technology and Design

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Game Engine Design

Computer animation, game design and development, human-computer interaction design, film production, and other related fields

Entry Requirement
STPMminimum Grade C (NGMP 2.00) in 2 subjects, and pass in SPM or equivalent with credit in Mathematics
A levelminimum passes in 2 subjects, and pass in SPM or equivalent with credit in Mathematic
STAMat least Grade Jayyid, and pass in SPM or equivalent with credit in Mathematics
SAMa TER 70 and Grade B in 2 relevant subjects including Mathematics
CPUan average of 70% and pass 6 subjects including Mathematics
UECat least Grade B in 5 subjects including Mathematics
Foundation/Matriculation/Program Asasiat least CGPA 2.0
Diplomapass in Diploma in Computer Science/Information Systems/Information Technology/Software Engineering or equivalent with a minimum CGPA2.5*

Other Diplomas:
a minimum CGPA of 2.5, and credit in Mathematics in SPM

*Note: Applicant with CGPA of less than 2.5 but more than 2.0 may be  accepted subject to a stringent internal evaluation process.


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