Clubs and Societies, Have You Signed Up?

Xiamen University Malaysia is a well-established and respectable university. It has achieved this level of prestige for many reasons. A simple one, is that it cares for the well-being of all its students. We would like to see all our students being pro-active and spending a fulfilling time throughout their period of study here. Therefore, we would like to reach out to all our students, to invite them to go beyond the classroom and join various enriching and fun-loving clubs and societies.
There are many choices to be made as our wide range of clubs and societies encompass many fields and interests. Aspiring students may even find opportunities to form their own clubs or societies within the university. We, will seek to provide each club and society with the support it needs to the best of our abilities, because we CARE for our student’s all-round development, well-being and want to unwrap the hidden potential of all our students.
If you are interested in the splendid chance to be a member, or even set up your own, we are always here assisting you. Should you require further information, feel free to drop by room 107 or contact us at
Please refer to the list below for the clubs and societies available at XMUM.

若你有兴趣借此机会成为社团会员,亦或考虑创社,我们将会一直在你身旁协助你。若想知道一些你所缺乏的资讯与进一步的详情,欢迎到107洽询,或电邮至 。

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