Inaugural launch of XMUM Traditional Chinese Medicine Society

The delight of sipping warm herbal tea after a day’s work is refreshing and at times, reinvigorating. On 24 May 2017, students of the XMUM Traditional Chinese Medicine Society heralded their official launch with their signature cup of piping hot herbal tea for the audience.
In her welcome speech, the president, Tan Jie Ying, shared the vision and mission of the society. Along with that was an informative presentation by Lorraine Teh Kai Hooi, team leader of event planning unit, on the contents and benefits of herbal tea, including the side effects of over-drinking the tea.  This was supplemented with a short talk where a lecturer who specialises in Chinese herbology shared the properties of its herbal ingredients.
The best part of the event was the live DIY teabag demo session where participants could fill up their teabags with their preferred combination of herbs. The Head of event planning department first explained the properties of a large variety of herbs, and went on to show how these herbs are categorised based on their medical uses, such as herbs that could cure insomnia, sore throat, digestion problem, qi and blood deficiencies, and gynaecological problems. Next, they listed a few recommendations of the best combination for a three-herb teabag. At the end of the session, as a gesture of appreciation, the society gave out gift redemption cards to the participants whereby they could redeem special gift.
For more than 2000 years, China has been the forerunner of traditional Chinese medicine which utilises herbs in treating illnesses and boosting the immune system. Today, the field has gained wide acceptance worldwide, and many health professionals are now infusing eastern herbs with mainstream treatment for optimum health outcomes.
This growing interest in traditional Chinese medicine has led to numerous courses being developed in this direction, and Xiamen University Malaysia is focused on bringing the benefits of this system of medicine into Malaysia. As an extension of the formal degree programme in this field, XMUM Traditional Chinese Medicine Society is set up to create greater awareness and impart knowledge of this traditional system of medicine through informal discussions, talks and activities.

English version by: Michelle Lau Yu Ling 
Chinese version by: Teh Seok Qi

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