On-Campus First Aid Awareness

According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. As a batch of young adults and teenagers, we can sometimes do pretty reckless things and end up in a bad situation. In 2020, the university is expected to have about 5,000 students, and the risk of accidents would increase. Therefore, first aid knowledge becomes more vital.
On 17th May 2017, Dr. Azwan, who has more than 10 years’ working experience at the emergency department of Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital Putrajaya and currently works at the XMUM’s clinic, held an on-campus talk on first aid.  
In the talk, Dr. Azwan firstly introduced the first aid kit and treatment. Then he explained some potential emergency scenarios. He went through the first aid measures that should be taken in various emergency situations such as loss of consciousness, bleeding, fracture, sprain, burn injury, heat, electrocution and choking.  
“The most important thing to do in an emergency situation is to immediately call ‘999’ (emergency telephone number in Malaysia). While waiting for the help to come, we should apply first aid to increase our friends’ survival rate,” said Dr. Azwan.
From the talk, we realized that there are many emergency situations we should learn how to respond to. Since the best way to deal with emergencies is to nip them in the bud, we should be cautious all the time.
English version by: Michelle Lau Yu Ling
Chinese version by: Teh Seok Qi

厦门大学马来西亚分校急救社在5月17日下午6时至7时半, 邀请主讲人Dr. Azwan就校园急救主题发表演讲,旨在希望学生们能学习在危急时刻如何进行迅速且冷静的处理,从而在面临危险时能互相帮助并化险为夷。Dr. Azwan在我校位于B1三楼的诊所工作,他曾在吉隆坡及布城政府医院的急救部门工作,拥有从业十年以上的专业经验。经年的工作让他遇见过许多不同种类的事故,也因此发现大多数事故是可以被预防的。
Dr. Azwan 介绍自从来厦门大学工作后,他分析了我们的校园环境并预计各种可能发生的意外,并以介绍急救的定义和急救箱开始讲座。紧接着,根据所分析的校园中可能会发生的意外,诸如失去意识、出血、骨折、扭伤、烧伤、中暑、触电、窒息等情况,Dr.Azwan做了详尽的解释,并且指导学生们了解,遭遇这些状况后,如何采取相应的急救行动。


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