A Public Talk on WeChat Marketing

In the era when technology advances so rapidly, there is no better way to do business online than doing it with the platform of WeChat. WeChat is used worldwide and the innovative team behind it has revolutionised a new lifestyle that can be found in China’s big cities such as Shanghai.

Upon the invitation of the Business Association of Xiamen University Malaysia, Ms Elicia Wee from TenWe, a Mobile Marketing Consulting Firm, gave a interesting and interactive talk about the extensive features of WeChat and how it can be utilised for marketing. This talk was held at AG4-04 on 25th April 2017 (Tuesday) from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

During the talk, Ms Elicia shared about the functions of WeChat like Wallet, Angpao, Shake and unique QR code. These features brought traditional business platforms, e-commerce and money transactions to a new phase with creative ideas from entrepreneurs. With these features, WeChat is no longer simply a platform for socialising like WhatsApp or a platform to share information like Facebook.

In Shanghai, people can buy almost everything even at street vendors with their WeChat Wallet, a digital wallet which can be linked to your credit or debit cards. All you need to do to complete your transaction is to scan your unique QR code or bar code, and key in your pin number. If you would like to reserve a table in a restaurant, a flight or a movie, all you need to do is to scan the QR code. Marketing is also made easier with the various features on WeChat. For instance, a restaurant can give a 50% discount voucher on WeChat and all the users have to do is to send it to a friend.

Unfortunately, some of these features are not available in Malaysia yet. However, exploring the endless boundaries of the new mobile era, where everything is within reach, redefines how we live our lives.

Reported by: Michelle Lau Yu Ling
Translated by: FU JUNHAO


感谢厦门大学马来西亚分校商学会,以及来自移动营销咨询公司-腾微的Ms Elicia Wee Neng来我校详细地介绍了微信的功能,并和同学们进行了魅力十足的互动交流。此讲座于4月25日(星期二),晚上7点至8点半,在AG4-04举行。

Ms Elicia Wee Neng分享了微信的一些功能,如微信钱包、微信红包与二维码。这些功能将传统的商业平台,电子商务和货币交易引领到了新的阶段。有了这些功能,微信不再仅仅是像WhatsApp那样的社交平台或是像Facebook那样的信息平台。




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