As a comprehensive university, XMUM plans to set up six schools in its first phases: School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, School of Information Science and Technology, School of Ocean and Environment, School of Economics and Management, School of Chinese Language and Culture, and School of Medicine.

XMUM draws its strength from the excellent education resources offered by XMU.

School of Energy and Chemical Engineering

The School of Energy and Chemical Engineering was established in April 2016 to provide science and engineering courses related to Energy and Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University Malaysia. There are two academic programmes offered in this School: (1) Bachelor of Engineering in New Energy Science and Technology and (2) Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering with Honours. The New Energy Science and Technology programme is an interdisciplinary engineering programme related to the efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and economic handling and usage of energy. This programme aims to develop highly flexible professionals with solid specialty knowledge, who are ready in energy-related industries or to pursue scholastic endeavours in the same or related fields. The Chemical Engineering programme is the branch of engineering that deals with chemical production and the manufacture of products through chemical processes. This programme aims to prepare graduates (1) to demonstrate professionalism & social responsibility in the practice of chemical and allied engineering, (2) to display leaderships and assume technical or managerial positions of greater responsibility in multicultural working environment, (3) to pursue continued life-long learning through professional practice and further graduate education.

School of Information Science and Technology

Technological innovation and international atmosphere – School of Information Science & Engineering and Software School, XMU

As one of the earliest engineering schools in China with a comprehensive range of subjects, School of Information Science and Engineering has an exemplary national teaching center for electronic information and an Education Ministry Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Communication and Marine Information Engineering. It has established extensive ties through academic exchange and cooperation with many world-renowned universities and enterprises. It has appointed over 20 internationally and domestically well-known scholars as part-time, guest or honorary professors including members of the Engineering Academies of the US and Canada. The Software School has won the Exemplary Software School Construction Achievements Prize conferred by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

School of Ocean and Environment

Cradle of China’s education in oceanography – College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, XMU

The college ranks second in marine science in China’s universities. XMU started Marine Studies in the early 1920s, and became the center for research in marine biology in China in 1930. China’s first Marine Studies school and Department of Oceanography were established in XMU in 1946. Accordingly, a China-ASEAN Marine Science School will be established in XMUM utilizing the China-ASEAN Marine Cooperation Funds to develop talents and conduct technological innovation for ASEAN countries.

School of Chinese Language and Culture

Long history and profound academic heritage – College of Humanities, XMU

XMU Humanities College has grown from the Chinese Department, which was established in 1921, and the China Studies Institute, which was set up in 1926. Renowned Chinese scholars like Lu Xun and Lin Yutang once taught here, and it has the “National Talents Training and Research Base in Basic Disciplines of Humanities”, and “National Quality Courses” conferred by the Chinese Ministry of Education. In this college, students can systematically study Chinese language, culture, history and philosophy.

School of Medicine

Training base for high-level medical personnel – Medical College, XMU

XMU Medical College is academically strong. It has seven grade-three plus affiliated hospitals (China’s highest-grade hospital), over 20 hospitals and bases for teaching and practice. Its teaching faculty is strong as well, with 243 professors and associate professors, including 4 academicians. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of the College was established in 1956 and, in the past 50 years and more, has produced over 20,000 outstanding medical personnel for over 50 countries around the world.

School of Economics and Management

A brand name of excellence in economics and management – School of Economics and School of Management, XMU

XMU is one of the only two universities in China that have three top-layer national key disciplines in economics and management. Therefore, XMU is one of China’s most important bases for teaching and research in these subjects. XMU is the first university in mainland China to offer a doctoral degree in accounting, and has produced nearly one third of all the Doctors of Accounting in China. By recruiting the top teaching faculties of economics and management from all over the world, and actively extending international exchange and cooperation, XMU has been steadily enhancing its academic reputation in these disciplines.

School of Foundation Studies

The School of Foundation Studies was established in April 2016 at Xiamen University Malaysia to provide pre-university education to secondary school leavers with SPM, ‘O’ Level or other equivalent qualification to realise their dreams of furthering their tertiary education at Xiamen University Malaysia. Two academic programmes are offered by the School of Foundation Studies and they are: Foundation in Science, and Foundation in Arts and Social Science. The Foundation in Science programme is meant for those who wish to specialize in the fields of life sciences, engineering or information and communication technology at the undergraduate level whereas the Foundation in Artsand Social Science programme is suitable for those who have set their sights on pursuing an undergraduate degree in a business-related discipline, journalism, or Chinese studies.